WTC Bank International

as one of the banks at home and abroad have made a major contribution in the field of banking that can assist in the activities of society and the world economy.

Bank bersentral WTC in 10 countries around the world including, USA, UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Australia, and Indonesia.

Indonesia as the State Center Branch Office (KCPN) WTC Bank contributed most to the progress of the banking and financial system development in Indonesia.


Previous WTC Bank is a bank named Bank CGO (Central Government Office) is formed by a group in Sarawak, Malaysia on April 2, 2008. On that date in 2009 Bank CGO also officially in moving property by owner Main Mr. Aji Apriyan current served as President of the Managing Director (CEO) purchased all of the shares on behalf of CGO Bank among nations amounted to US $ 18.5 million from Mr. Syahrawi Ibrahim, owner of Bank CGO.

WTC Bank currently has 7 years of operation in the field of banking in the World, with that slogan

“Giving Hope For The Future”

and the logo are characterized by their half cassava leaves with combined forms of signpost underlined by the logo that sense,

Can be grown as a useful cassava plants from tubers (roots), stems, leaves, flowers too, as well as the direction of the arrow as we step into the future

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