Wednesday, July 8th, 2015, WTC Group finally officially decided to manufacture new members who work in the field of Information, Business, Communication, as well as activities in the World.

In the opinion of the President Director of WTC WTC Group and the WTC Bank International confirms that,

“… From the period of mid-2015, WTC Group must establish new institutions that socialize and contributed greatly in the field of social and information …”

After the president announced the creation of the field of social institutions, WTC Syariah Bank, BNAW Bank and BYA Bank decided to hold a general election in the office of the WTC Group in Jakarta, attended by 120 people consisting of various employees and official representatives of each member of the member of the WTC Group ,

During the meeting, elected 5 Name of candidate institutions will be established by the Group at the WTC: WTC Islamic News (BSW), WTC Insurance (BNAW Bank), Wetka Stock Exchange (Inow Bank), WTC News Public (WTC Bank), and Houses Islamic pain WTC (WTC Group).

According negotiations and direct election Yang attended by 120 people, was finally selected one that WTC News Public institutions and Islamic Hospital WTC in 2018 later.

Official formed Public funded WTC News President Director of WTC Group amounted to US $ 56.5 million and with the establishment of its own manufacture Twitter account @WTC_News

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