Beastly Histories


Goli Otok (Barren Island), is an uninhabited island in the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic. It operated as a high security political prison and labour camp between 1949, after the political relations between Josip Broz Tito and Stalin were broken off, and 1956, when the bilateral relations between Yugoslavia and USSR were re- stabilised. The imprisoned were Tito`s recent yes-men and fellow warriors who had refused to change their opinions about Stalin, as well as the non-party folk and the intellectuals who expressed their doubts about workings of Tito’s regime.


The past of Barren Island has remained largely historically underrepresented, allowing the secrets to envelop it. The former prisoners’ stories tell of torments that they were exposed to, on a barren rock in the sea strait, without  trees or any other living beings in sight, under the scorching Mediterranean sun, where the temperature at night falls near the…

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