Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Manash Bhattacharjee

Ink does not stay on paper in this monsoon

~ Srajana Kaikini, Postcard 3

Ink does not stay on paper in this monsoon
Such fire escapes the heart in this monsoon

As it rains, someone ponders the fate of love
Is there a lonelier occupation in this monsoon?

The Parliament session is just about to begin
It will drown people’s hopes in this monsoon

Beggars, all wet, struggle against more hardships
This way they will go hungrier in this monsoon

Dogs, bewildered, take shelter among the trees
They lose all sense of territory in this monsoon

Auto rickshaw driver curses the incessant rain
Then breaks into an old song in this monsoon

People are not abusing each other in the streets
Their venoms get some respite in this monsoon

A man is sent to the gallows without substance
The law can’t wash off its sins…

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