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If you’re a teacher in a Google Apps for Education school and you’re not using Google Classroom, just a quick suggestion.

You need to be.

Especially if your students have a lot of online access with carts or in a 1-to-1 setting. I know that there are similar tools out there already but because Classroom integrates all of the Google tools so easily it’s a no-brainer for just about any face to face, flipped, or blended class.

(Need a little support getting started? Head over to Social Studies Central and browse through some suggestions and support articles.)

And this week, Google Classroom just got more awesomer. So there’s not a lot of reasons left for not using it.

Google gave Classroom a quick visual makeover with a new simplified design for creating and posting assignments, announcements, and questions and for viewing assignment details. The design encourages quick and easy access for teachers and students.

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