Letters to Cameroon

What Happened to the Cameroonian Poet Who Fell in Love?
by Viola Allo
I am going to become a cliché.
Going to become Viola The Cliché.
Become a stereotypical wife.
Wait! Worse than that. I’ll become
a stereotypical good, Cameroonian wife.
I’ll cook your dinner. Learn to make your traditional dish.
I’ll do your laundry. You won’t have to wash a single sock!
I’ll iron your shirts, even press your cotton-white
undershirts and underwear. The hot iron will slip sometimes
and burn my skin, but I will bear it and wear the scars
as the script of a love-note tattooed
on my body by my own hand.
I’ll polish your black shoes.
I’ll mop the floor on my hands and knees.
I’ll rub your feet. At night.
I’ll give you a sweet life.
I’ll bake and decorate a birthday cake for you.
Have a baby or two for you.
I’ll make…

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